Joy Behar Smears Conservatives As Having A ‘Penchant For Nazis’

Justin Caruso Contributor

The View’s Joy Behar smeared conservatives by accusing them of having a “penchant for Nazis” Monday.


“The CPAC group invited this woman from France, Marine Le Pen, whose father was a Holocaust denier, a total fascist and a Nazi and Marine Le Pen the daughter, thinks her father was very good and right and everything else and they invited her.”

“There’s like this penchant for Nazis now–with Charlottesville, and the neos and the ‘good guys on both sides’ and now Marine Le Pen.”

Behar was actually trying to refer to Marion Marechal-Le Pen, the niece of French right-wing politician Marine Le Pen.

Marion Le Pen spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) over the weekend.

She said, “I am not offended when I hear the president say America first.”

“I want America first for the American people. I want Britain first for the British people, and I want France first for the French people.” (RELATED: Le Pen At CPAC: ‘All I Want Is The Survival Of My Nation’)

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