Bernie Sanders’ Son Sounds Exactly Like His Dad

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Bernie Sanders’ son Levi Sanders appeared on CNN Tuesday, and he sounded very familiar.


Sanders told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, “I think it’s fair to say my father and I have a lot of similar views. That’s the case in terms of throughout this country.”

“Increasingly people understand that we need to have a living wage. That we need to have Medicare for all. That we need to have tuition-free colleges and universities. We need to address the issue in terms of paid equity for women. It’s simply an outrage in this day and age that women are making 80 cents to the dollar. I do talk to my dad about it. I’m very proud of what, you know, he has accomplished. But I’m running on my own views.”

Sound familiar?

Levi Sanders is running for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st district. He will be running as a Democrat, a slight change from his father who is officially an independent.

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