Get A Load Of This Australian Hero Concealing His Identity With A Beer Carton To Cover A Traffic Cam


Jena Greene Reporter
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A man in Tamworth, Australia is quickly becoming an international hero for covering his head with a beer carton and obstructing a traffic camera that tracks travelers’ speed on the road.

He’s being called “Demerit Man” and the original video has already gotten over 150,000 views since it was posted to Snapchat yesterday.

Here’s a freeze frame of the episode.

Apparently the Australian authorities have been made aware of the incident and have said it’s ‘under investigation.’ But he hasn’t been caught yet because he’s clearly an intellectual titan.

It’s not immediately clear what type of beer carton is on this guy’s head but one thing is for sure: this guy isn’t here to play games. He either drank the entire 30 before setting out to cover this traffic cam or – even more impressive – he drank it and saved the empty carton to carry out this covert mission in the daylight. Truly a demonstration of valor and selflessness.

Give this guy the Australian equivalent to the Medal Of Honor.

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