Condi Rice Flips The Script, Blames Hillary Clinton For Russian Election Meddling

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice put some of the blame for Russian election on Hillary Clinton in a wide-ranging MSNBC interview on Thursady

Rice, who has considerable experience with Vladimir Putin, did not hold back on her assessment of the motivations behind Russian election meddling.

She said that then-Secretary of State Clinton criticizing Putin for Russia’s 2012 elections encouraged the foreign leader to seek revenge. Rice said that Putin is an “eye for an eye” kind of person and that he was out to hurt Clinton in order to prove that America could also have flawed elections.

With Vladimir Putin, this was an eye for an eye. He’s an eye for an eye kind of person, and Hillary Clinton criticized his election. Now he wants to show that he can sow chaos in ours.

Rice went on to say that election security needs to be tightened in America and social media platforms need to be cautious of their ability to sway an election. Condi condemned the narrative many Democrats have pushed that the Russian interfered on behalf of Donald Trump, and said that she only knows that Putin wanted to “hurt” Hillary.

“I didn’t like the way this all started out. We don’t know that Vladimir Putin wanted to elect Donald Trump. I think I know that he wanted to hurt Hillary Clinton,” Rice told MSNBC.

Rice went on to say that questioning the legitimacy of the election is not helping and America should never let another country meddle in their election ever again.