Ric Flair Is Getting Into The Rap Game And It’s Honestly Pretty Awesome

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Ladies and gentleman. People of young and old, here and abroad. I present to you a work of art so sophisticated, so abstract and so intelligently refined that it must be preceded by a warning.

If you don’t like art, don’t click on the video below.

I warned you. And if for some unfathomable reason that you did not enjoy this piece of art then feel free to exit this piece now. Because I’m about to break it down for everyone to understand. Even those without a PhD in Art History.

First, it’s important to note the soft filter used throughout the video. Rick Flair looks good, but he’s still 69 years old. While 69 might be one of the most impressive ages a man can be, you’re still pretty likely to have a few wrinkles. Props to 21 Savage, Offset and Metro Boomin for thinking ahead in the aesthetics department.

Second off, Ric Flair is in some pretty good company. He’s riding shotgun in a Rolls Royce, looking like a much more impressive version of you driving your grandparent to pick up their medication. Not to mention, his blue suede loafers match the blue Bentley. Talk about swag.

Ric Flair also appears to have several of his own personal stylists who double as attractive females in sequined bodysuits. Not to mention, they’ve clothed him in a sequin robe of his own and let him break into a monologue mid-song. Because even though these are some of the biggest rappers on earth, they know who the king is.

Overall, great stuff coming out of the modern music industry. People give the kids a bad wrap these days for filling their ears with nothing but garbage and auto-tuned mumbling but this is actually pretty good. Nature Boy has still got it — even at 69.

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