Protect Your Car And Yourself With This Smart License Plate Frame

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Do you drive regularly and constantly worry about damaging your car — even worse, hurting yourself or someone else? Wish you had a fancy backup camera to help you safely navigate tight spaces, but can’t afford to install one? Well, solve both your problems with this smart, affordable alternative! The FenSens Smart License Plate Frame empowers you to drive safely by adding an extra pair of eyes to the front and back of your car that seamlessly alerts you to anything in your car’s way.

Normally $150, this smart license plate frame is 20 percent off

Normally $150, this smart license plate frame is 20 percent off

FenSens Smart License Plate Frame on sale for $119.99

This license plate-based smart wireless parking sensor installs on any car and alerts you when you’re getting too close to objects, so you know when to stop. Meaning, it installs in five minutes with no wiring or professional help needed and provides instant audio, visual, and vibration alerts to your phone for objects detected in front or behind your vehicle.

Also, the easy-to-use app works even if your phone is tucked away in your pocket once you begin driving. This means it launches hands-free, so you always have peace of mind when sitting behind the driver’s wheel. In addition, the weatherproof smart license plate keeps itself safe with anti-theft features, so you never have to worry about criminals taking it or your car for a joy ride.

Pick up a FenSens Smart License Plate Frame for $119.99, 20 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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