Dan Bongino: Gun Laws Only Affect Law Abiding People

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former secret service agent Dan Bongino explained Friday night how gun control laws are the only laws that affect law-abiding citizens as opposed to criminals.


During an interview with Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, Bongino pointed out the radical difference gun laws have with other laws on the books.

“This is what people have to understand, get this through your heads and never forget it,” Bongino started. “There are two parallel tracks for gun owners — for liberals, let’s do this slow, here’s one, here’s two.”

“On the first track you have legal gun owners: you have to go through a legal background check, fill out a 4473, you can’t be a prohibited possessor,” he explained. “Then you have track number two: people who steal them and buy them on the black market.”

“You have a law, by the way, which only impacts good law abiding people and does nothing for criminals,” Bongino asserted. “Let me ask you this, Tucker, what other law works like that?

“Do burglary laws affect you? Has Tucker Carlson ever thought about burglarizing a house and been like, ‘darn.’ The burglary laws, they don’t affect you at all,” he said. “Gun laws are the only laws that affect the law abiding and don’t effect criminals one bit.”

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