Parkland Dad: Rick Scott’s Bill Would’ve Saved My Daughter

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Andrew Pollack, the father of a Florida school shooting victim, said on Monday that he believes a proposed Florida mental health bill would have saved his daughter.


Two days ago, Florida Gov. Rick Scott highlighted a $500 million school safety plan that, among other measures, would raise the minimum age for all firearm purchases to 21, prohibit people who make violent threats from possessing firearms and require more armed guards at schools.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died in the Parkland shooting, told Fox News that he supports Scott’s proposed bill.

“It’s a school safety and mental illness bill. It’s just a common sense bill to help protect our kids when they go to school,” Pollack explained. “It’s going to help the schools with hardening and help the police, help with mental illness.”

Pollack said that he believes the bill would have prevented the Parkland shooter from having firearms and “100 percent” would have saved Meadow’s life.

“What is in that bill — it gives the police the ability if they get called out to someone’s house if someone is acting not rational, if they’re called to the house and think the person is not rational they can go into the person’s house, do a search and if there’s any weapons in the house, they could confiscate those weapons,” he said. “They weren’t able to do that before.”

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