CNN’s Jeff Toobin Goes After Gary Cohn For Resigning After Tariffs But Not Charlottesville

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin went after Gary Cohn Tuesday for not resigning from the White House over the president’s reaction to a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August.


“I think it’s also an interesting lesson in, you know, the ethics and principles of Gary Cohn. Gary Cohn made a big show of being disgusted with the president’s behavior after Charlottesville–you know, his sympathy for Neo-Nazis. You know, and he says, ‘Oh, I might resign over the president’s racism.’ Well, he managed to stomach the racism. What he couldn’t take was tariffs,” Toobin said.

“And I think if you want to weigh the morale imperatives of the two, it really doesn’t reflect all that well on Gary Cohn.”

News broke Tuesday that Cohn is resigning from the White House. His resignation comes in the wake of President Trump’s announcement last week of new tariffs on aluminum and steel. (RELATED: Gary Cohn, Trump’s Top Economic Adviser, Resigns From White House)

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