Trey Gowdy: ‘There Are Far Fewer Leaks From Bob Mueller Than There Are From Adam Schiff’

Justin Caruso Contributor

Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy went after Adam Schiff in a Fox News interview Tuesday.

“There are far fewer leaks from Bob Mueller than there are from Adam Schiff.”


Following the news that Gowdy and Rep. Bob Goodlatte are calling for a second special counsel to investigate alleged FISA abuse at the Department of Justice (DOJ), Fox News’ Bill Hemmer asked why Congress couldn’t just investigate the matter themselves.

Gowdy responded, “Anyone who’s watched Congress over the last 12 months–we leak like sieves. And I say ‘we’ only because I’m a member of Congress.”

“That’s pretty common for this town however,” Hemmer said.

“It is, but serious investigations don’t leak,” Gowdy responded. “The executive branch investigations, whether its your local district attorney or whether its Bob Mueller–there are far fewer leaks from Bob Mueller than there are from Adam Schiff. So, we don’t have the tools. We don’t have access to a grand jury. We can’t grant immunity, we can’t compel testimony. And–we’re not–we don’t prosecute crime. So, there are 1,000 reasons to let the executive branch or special counsel handle this as opposed to Congress.”

Gowdy said on Fox News Sunday that a second special counsel to investigate the DOJ “may be unavoidable.”

He said, “Congress has proven itself incapable of investigating this FISA abuse. DOJ should not be looking into it. We need an independent arbiter that’s either the inspector general or special counsel.”(RELATED: Trey Gowdy: A Second Special Counsel ‘May Be Unavoidable’)

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