Unfortunately It Turns Out The Asian World In ‘Westworld’ Is Actually Real

Westworld Alternate Trailer (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube HBO)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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I’ve got some very bad news for all the “Westworld” fans out there.

It turns out that the Asian-themed world is very much a real thing, as EW recently reported a couple days ago. I’m not sure how this isn’t getting more attention, but this is a huge development for fans.

EW recently reported the following:

We got a glimpse of this part of the HBO drama’s theme-park world-building — backstage at least — in the season 1 finale. The rebelling hosts (androids) passed a room full of traditional Japanese warriors in training. “It’s complicated,” a human tech worker tells them. The section was labeled with the cryptic initials “SW.”

Most have thought that “SW” stood for “Samurai World,” but the far-less-common guess is actually correct: “Shogun World.” (To be precise, the Westworld season 1 finale script called the land “SHOGUNWORLD,” one word, so quite possibly it’s more properly written as “ShogunWorld”).

The fact they’re confirming this is real doesn’t make me overly happy. I’m very against the idea of other worlds. The show is called “Westworld,” and you dance with who brought you. You don’t just start running off to other worlds. The fact it’s a western is one of the coolest aspects of the show. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to see some samurai run around. I don’t care what the world is called. “SHOGUNWORLD” is not exactly popping off of the page.

I hope like hell that they don’t manage to screw this second season up. Everything about the upcoming season has looked outstanding, and I truly hope it will be.

The fans just don’t need the show to stray from what has been so great. So, I’m begging HBO and the geniuses behind this show to not screw this up. Please, please, please don’t mess with the greatest show on television.

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