This Teflon Frying Pan Is ‘Versatile, Well Constructed And Reliable’

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TeChef makes Teflon-coated cookware. Specifically, TeChef cookware is coated with the new and improved non-stick Teflon that doesn’t have PFOA. This TeChef frying pan is 4-times coated with Teflon Infinity, allowing for “natural ceramic particles to combine the resistance of minerals with the unusual surface patterns of stone. This makes cookware extremely wear resistant.”

At the moment, said pan is 43 percent off:

Normally $40, this frying pan is 56 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $35, this frying pan is 43 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

TECHEF Infinity Collection 12″ Frying Pan on sale for $19.99

The reviews on this pan are glowing. Reviewer JSL wrote “It Just Keeps Getting Better…”:

I’ve been a big fan of TeChef products over the past few years. They’re about all I use now — except for my old, trusty Berndes big saute for major meals.

What TeChef does best, IMO, is produce terrific, 12′ saute pans. This is my third, and easily the best, most complete pan I have. The stone coating is fabulous, and provides swift, even heat with my gas range. For example, last night I sauteed some ham pieces, mixed in some potatoes O’brian, and let that cook for just five minutes, before adding a scrambled egg and gruyere cheese combo and, effectively, stir frying for another two minutes. Voila! We had a perfect — cooked, tho velvety soft, kind of Spanish tortilla that was the best we’d ever had. This pan is a gem!

What’s more, TeChef makes a great, 12′ glass cover which fits all it’s 12′ pans — and worked well with this, too. (Requires a separate purchase, but well worth it.) The top, itself, has two nice qualities beyond the see-thru glass: first, it has a steam release; second, it can stand on its side while you stir — so no oils or drippings when it’s not in use.

This pan will now be my go-to — along with the TeChef 12″ Wok-style pan, which is super, too -but a cut below the quality of this Infinity pan.

K. Mary G. is an Amazon top contributor when it comes to reviewing cooking products. She wrote that it is “Versatile, well constructed, and reliable”:

And susana g may give the biggest compliment of all, writing, “I’m really happy with my pan. I think Techef has really figured out this whole introduction cookware”:

This is not the first pan that I buy from Techef. But this one is definitely different than all the other ones. I have several of the pans from the onyx collection and they have more of your traditional Teflon. This pan is from the infinity collection and coating is completely different. It has more of the stone speckled feeling to it.


** Induction:
I have an induction stovetop and it’s been really difficult for me to find good cookware. Pans have either been good quality but not induction or induction but of terrible quality. I was really happy to find that this pan has everything I needed. Good quality induction at a great price.

** Weight:
Like my other Techef pan this one has a nice weight to it. It doesn’t feel lightweight and flimsy like some other pans I’ve owned. This on weightier but is as well balanced as a top dollar pan.

** Heat distribution:
I use this with an induction stovetop and it does wonderfully. It heats up quickly and evenly so there are no hot spots on my pan.

** Handle:
The handle has a type of finger pad or rest on it. It makes it feel a lot sturdier and more stable when moving it around. I also really like the fact that It has a good size hole on the end of the pan handle. It’s convenient since I can hang it if I choose to.

The only thing that could make this pan better is a lid. Not a deal breaker for me since my old 12” Techef lid fits this pan perfectly.

I’m really happy with my pan. I think Techef has really figured out this whole introduction cookware. I have some of their pans that I use every single day and they still look and perform as good as the first day. Great quality, non stick at a reasonable price. I’m sold.

Susana is sold. Are you?

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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