Save Over $30 & Cook With Precision Thanks To This Digital Kitchen Scale

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Whether you’re a foodie, health nut, or home chef, it’s smart to invest in tools that help you make meals exactly the way you want. With a Tare Digital Kitchen Scale, add a sleek measuring device to your kitchen that lets you do just that while also saving food and money over time.

Normally $65, this kitchen scale is 53 percent off

Normally $65, this kitchen scale is 53 percent off

Tare Digital Kitchen Scale on sale for $30

No matter why you love to cook, if you’re spending time in the kitchen, you know the struggle of measuring ingredients with precision when following a recipe or trying to document your own. This digital kitchen scale eliminates those challenges so you can enjoy what matters most — cooking your favorite dishes. It’s easy to use and super accurate, displaying the weight of your ingredients — up to 11 pounds — minus the measuring cup or container they’re in, so you always get a perfect measurement.

Plus, it conveniently toggles between milliliters, grams, liquid & dry ounces, and pounds with the touch of a single button. Meaning, following complicated recipes is incredibly simple, especially when it calls for ingredients of all types. The easy-to-clean scale also comes with AAA batteries and automatically shuts off, which saves you money now and in the long run. Even better, its stainless steel design looks great on most countertops, making your kitchen a bit more beautiful as well as practical.

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