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Watching Grandpas Try Vaping For The First Time Is HILARIOUS

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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YouTube channel Zamplebox recently broadcasted a video of a couple older gentlemen vaping for the first time. Mind you, they have been smokers for many many years. As stated by Zamplebox, their approach to this is to explain that vaping is more common among younger people that may be hip to the technology. So, they wanted to introduce it to some older folks who have no clue about the subject and get their reactions.

They state, “We found Ed and Mark. They’re both smokers who have never chucked fat clouds before. We figured it would be a good idea to get them on camera and have them try a few sub-ohm devices so we could get their thoughts and reactions on this whole new vaping thing.”

It is a shame that past generations were not offered vaping as an option, like it is today. Yet, even today, people are missing the opportunity to give it a shot. This is probably because of many of the misconceptions out there. But what they do in this video story is make sure that these two gentlemen do not miss out on the opportunity to at least try vaping and learn more about it. I think it is a positive thing!

Ed and Mark take their first draws and their reactions are hysterical. On their very FIRST draws, they DO NOT cough. That is pretty remarkable, given that most people who vape for the first time actually cough a little. It usually takes time to get used to the proper draw of vapor. But these two guys handle it just fine. In fact they are quite intrigued by the whole process, as so it seems by their intense show of attention to the expert vaper’s instruction. They were given 3 different flavors to try inside 3 different devices. Neither of them had any negative comments to make on any of the products.  They both agree that cigarettes are harsher on the throat and are fascinated by how the vapor just “dissolves” in the air. As you can see in the video, Mark grabs the vape a few times to keep the Churros and Ice Cream flavor going… It appears they both enjoyed themselves.

The YouTube video is posted below for you to enjoy!