Jennifer Palmieri Compares Trump White House To The Godfather

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri compared the Donald Trump White House to the movie, The Godfather, Thursday.

Mamma mia!


“The way we thought about it in the Clinton campaign was, he may not be invested in Russia, but they’re deeply invested in him,” Palmieri claimed. “And it’s not just him–it wasn’t just about what happened in Russia. It was other properties in other parts of the world that they were investing in as well. So, I thought, you know, when I saw the story today I had two big takeaways,”(RELATED: Clinton Aide Knew Comey Was a ‘Bad Choice’)

“One is, this is — you remember the scene from The Godfather. We so often have to go back to The Godfather with this administration for points of reference, but when they got rid of the five heads of the other crime families in one swoop, and I feel like the purging that you’ve seen of staff over the last few days and week is about Mueller and is about anxiety, about having people like Rex Tillerson around who might be seen as wanting to have a responsible reaction if Mueller comes out and says, ‘Wow, there is deep–that there is collusion on the money side, that Trump is compromised because of money and people like him being uneasy about that and wanting to have a wartime cabinet that will defend him no matter what.” (RELATED: Former Clinton Aide Says It’s ‘Height Of Cynicism’ To ‘Weaponize’ Sexual Harassment — Immediately Brings Up Access Hollywood Tape [VIDEO])

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