‘View’ Co-Hosts Dismiss Kudlow’s Hire, Meghan McCain Hits Them With His Resume

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Whoopi Goldberg and co-hosts on “The View” Thursday joked that President Donald Trump’s latest hire Larry Kudlow was just being picked “right off the television.”

But apparently, only Meghan McCain did her homework and she schooled the rest of the ladies about Trump’s new White House economic adviser’s experience.

“Well, he just picks people from TV,” Joy Behar claimed. “Everyone at this table is qualified to work in the Trump administration.”

“I think what one of the problems is, you know, it comes from the top,” Sunny Hostin shared. “He didn’t have experience for this particular position, and so he doesn’t think anyone has to have experience or training or education for the role that they’re playing. I mean, if you think about appointing him as someone that’s supposed to lead the country on economics, he doesn’t have an economics degree from college. He doesn’t have a Ph.d in economics. He didn’t get his masters degrees in economics. He just plays on one TV.”

“He was the associate director under Ronald Reagan, so he has worked in a White House before,” McCain interjected.

“I think that Larry Kudlow is on television, but when I did more research on him he did work for Ronald Reagan,” McCain said later. “He is someone that’s well-respected.”

“He’s also a Wall Street figure that’s beloved by Wall Street,” she added. “His show is very popular on CNBC, and he does have a lot of relationships with Wall Street. And I do think it’s important that there’s some kind of trust.”

After learning about Kudlow’s experience, Behar and Sarah Haines backtracked on their comments.

“He’s at least in the ballpark of the field,” Behar responded. “Whereas Ben Carson, who’s a surgeon had nothing to do with housing.”

“Meghan, what you were saying — I didn’t know he served under Reagan,” Haines explained. “That does kind of instill a little bit of faith cause one thing I’ve noticed is he brings in people to fix the swamp or to drain it, but if you don’t know a place, you can’t fix it. By that I mean anyone that’s ever gotten a new job, there’s a learning curve. You can’t tweak it, cut budgets, you can’t do anything until you know who’s who, what they do, what’s necessary, what’s not. We’re noticing that they come in and like Rex Tillerson who’s already out and maybe I’m a day behind here, but he was trying to cut budgets before he even knew what all these people did in the State Department. So I think that is reassuring.”