Bond 25 Writer Addresses Role Of The Bond Girl In Wake Of The Me Too Movement

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James Bond has offended progressives who believe the films represent an intolerable level of toxic masculinity for years so we should have expected that the Me Too movement would only add to the outcry.

The 25th installation of the franchise, or Bond 25 as it’s being called, is officially on the way and Danny Boyle, who will serve as a writer for the film, is already fielding questions about how the Me Too movement will influence how it’s written. Of particular concern, apparently, is the “Bond girl.”

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

When asked whether or not Bond girls will be presented differently in the wake of the Me Too movement, Boyle carefully answered the question without giving in. (RELATED: Halle Berry Puts The Female Bond Nonsense To Bed)

“You write in real time,” Boyle responded. “You acknowledge the legacy of the world [of Bond] and you write in the world–but you also write in the modern world as well,” he added. (RELATED: Daniel Craig’s Wife Weighs In On The Female Bond Debate)

Bond girls have changed a lot over the years. From love interests with salacious names and a minor role to badass sidekicks that play a major role, the Bond girl has definitely progressed. But make no mistake, Bond is still a suave, womanizing spy and always should be and the Bond girl will always play a somewhat sexual supporting role. That’s the job.

Don’t expect a franchise to sacrifice the formula they’ve used for a quarter century to conform just to save themselves from some criticism. It won’t.

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