If You Weren’t Afraid Of Ski Lifts Already, You Will Be After Watching This Video

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Ski lifts are pretty intimidating to begin with, but a malfunctioning one is something straight out of a nightmare. That’s just what the scene was like on the slopes at the Gudauri resort in Georgia on Friday.

One of the resort’s ski lifts malfunctioned, but it didn’t just stop or break down. The lift somehow went full-throttle in reverse, putting the skiers in a very dangerous position; forced to either jump or hold on for dear life.

The horrifying incident can be seen in a handful of videos that have gone viral.

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Those unfortunate enough to be riding the lift at the time of the malfunction can either be seen jumping off to safety, or being slung into the air when their chair reaches the bottom.

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At least 10 people were injured in the catastrophic lift malfunction, according to authorities, but it’s a miracle that dozens more weren’t harmed during the terrifying lift failure.

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