Woman Loses Thousands In Insurance Payouts After Posting Runs On Fitness App


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A Danish woman lost thousands of dollars in insurance payouts after posting about her runs on a fitness app, Business Insider reports.

The unnamed woman had been collecting yearly payments of $33,000 since 2008 after a whiplash injury, contending her inability to work.

The insurance company, 3F, referred to a fitness app called Endomondo that the woman was using to track and post about the runs she was going on in their case against her. They used her posts and pictures to prove that she no longer needed an annual payment of $33,000 from the company because she was not as seriously injured as she was still claiming to be.

Initially, 3F withdrew all payments entirely but were required by law to restore them at a decreased rate.

As BI explains, “The union warned its members to be careful with their personal data, which could be used against them in ways they do not expect.”