Our Favorite Barron Moments Throughout The Years [SLIDESHOW]


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Twelve years ago, Melania Trump brought a wonderful person into this world, and that person’s name is Barron Trump. How time flies by when you’re having fun being the son of a billionaire-turned-president and his model-turned-first-lady wife.

Though we aren’t even really sure what Barron thinks about anything, he’s probably the least suspicious person in the White House (and general DC area) right now. But there are plenty of other reasons to appreciate his presence and cheer him on as he grows.

With the reality check he seems to give everybody in high positions of power and his relatable facial expressions, we can’t find one reason not to celebrate the existence of this wonderful human and our favorite member of the Trump family.

Today, we celebrate not-so-little Barron Trump’s last birthday as a pre-teen with pictures of some of our favorite Barron moments throughout the ages. We have high hopes for this kid.