The Upcoming Movie ‘Unsane’ Was Shot Completely On A Trio Of iPhones

Unsane (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Movieclips Trailers)

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Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming movie “Unsane” was filmed only using iPhones.

The highly-anticipated movie follows a young woman in a mental hospital who believes she’s being stalked. That’s probably not what most people are going to be talking about when it’s released. The fact it was shot on iPhones seems like the focal point.

Inverse reported the following:

To shoot Unsane, Soderbergh used three iPhone 7 Plus phones, outfitted with three Moment lenses (18mm, 60mm, and a fisheye). On occasion, he used the phone’s standard lens. The 4K resolution is close enough to a film camera in all its 4,000 glorious, horizontal pixels that there’s no difference on the big screen.

The film shows off the iPhone’s ability to capture light and warmth in this creepy hospital, and motion when things go awry.

This might sound a bit bold, but the fact Soderbergh shot an entire movie on a trio of iPhones makes me think that my dreams of being a Hollywood power player might not be totally unreasonable. I’ve got an iPhone, I’ve got some creative vision and that seems like more than enough to get the job done these days.

In all seriousness, shooting a major motion picture on three iPhones is a bizarre move. Film studios generally speaking have absolutely no problem throwing money towards big name like Soderbergh. The fact he shot this on only iPhones seems a bit risky. A classic example of taking big risks with potentially big downfalls. On the flip side, he’s going to be even more of a legend if the whole thing blows up.

We’ll find out when “Unsane” is released Friday.

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