This Half Off ‘Padfolio’ Is The Must-Have Business Accessory Of Our Times

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A former boss once dispatched to me a valuable piece of advice I will never forget – whenever called upon to attend a meeting, always arrive with a pen and notebook in hand. Sure, some people think that they can get away with jotting notes from the meeting on their computer, but classroom studies have shown that you are infinitely more likely to forget information you type instead of write manually. Furthermore, writing on paper instead of a laptop eliminates the deadly distraction of the Internet, which can be a huge productivity slayer in various confabs.

So, it’s good to have a notebook you keep handy at work (or school). But how then do you keep the notebook organized and prevent it from disappearing among the potential clutter of your desk or briefcase? The answer is a so-called “padfolio,” and organizer portfolio. For example, this padfolio comes not only with a space for your notebook, but also specialized slots for business cards, pens and even a pocket to hold your phone and tablet. Have an important out of office meeting? Instead of lugging along your entire laptop bag, just grab this and go. Today only, it is over half off:

Normally $135, this leather portfolio and professional organizer is 53 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $135, this leather portfolio and professional organizer is 53 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Premium Genuine Leather Business Portfolio and Professional Organizer, With a Zippered Closure on sale for $63.74

My favorite part of this portfolio – besides the one-day discount – is its leather appearance. It is very aesthetically pleasing and will earn you instant respect every time it accompanies you to a meeting or event. Is this the must-have business accessory of our times? It very well might be.

Padfolio (Photo via Amazon)

Padfolio (Photo via Amazon)

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