Taylor Swift’s Stalker Faces The Music With 10 Years Probation


Jena Greene Reporter
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Justice has finally been served to Taylor Swift’s stalker, Frank Andrew Hoover.

Hoover was accused of following Taylor to her shows across the state of Texas, as well as issuing serious threats to her father. TMZ reports that Hoover once sent an email threatening to “end” her entire family — despite Taylor having a protective order against him when he made the threat.

Hoover plead guilty to charges that he violated the protective order multiple times.

It’s no secret that this guy isn’t the most rational person in the world, which is why he’s getting 10 years of probation. He’ll be monitored by a GPS during his first year of probation, although there’s a possibility he’ll be monitored for far longer than that, depending on his behavior.

In addition to being monitored, Hoover will also have to stay at least one mile away from Swift and her family members at all times, as well as complete a series of psychological and drug tests. He’ll have to give up his guns and is subject to random substance testing as well.

Any violations to these ground rules could put him in jail for a very, very long time. So for now, it’s probably fair to say that Taylor can rest a little easier.

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