CNN Catches Heat For ‘Sexist’ Coverage Of YouTube HQ Shooting

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Kyle Becker Contributor
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An unidentified woman is dead after allegedly wounding three in a Tuesday shooting rampage at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California

As the news broke Tuesday afternoon, CNN filled airtime by speculating that “perhaps a love triangle” was a potential motive of the woman who was reported to have carried out the attack.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out the “sexism” accusation, citing a handful of users displeased by CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz floating the “love triangle” explanation.

The story was picked up by Drudge Report, which garnered a wide array of remarks.

But conservative publication Legal Insurrection wasn’t going to pile on.

Fox News alum Greta Van Susteren also agreed:

It is currently unknown what motivated the female shooting suspect.

Kyle Becker