Here Are The Direct Messages Between Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv And Kurt Eichenwald

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Journalist Kurt Eichenwald and Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv engaged in a series of Twitter direct messages, which Eichenwald later told Ben Shapiro were “deeply disturbing.”

The Daily Caller has obtained those direct messages, which are relevant because of Eichenwald’s prior comments about Kashuv.

Here are those direct messages:

The spat began last Friday when Eichenwald said on Twitter he had no “respect” for Kashuv, calling the 16 year-old’s followers “infantile.” He deleted the tweet, claiming he did not know he was talking to a Parkland survivor.

Eichenwald had previously declared Parkland kids is off-limits. “YES, attacking the Parkland kids personally, insulting HOW they said things rather than substance of what they say, is off limits,” Eichenwald said.

Kashuv initially called for a satirical boycott of MSNBC advertisers as Eichenwald called himself an MSNBC contributor in his Twitter bio. Eichenwald later admitted he was no longer an MSNBC contributor and edited his byline after the outrage.

Eichenwald then apologized to Kashuv, who is an outspoken defender of the Second Amendment. In response, Kashuv accepted the apology, saying he did not want this “mistake” to be the end of Eichenwald’s career.

This, however, did not end the feud.

Eichenwald asked Kashuv to send him a direct message on Twitter if he wanted to have “a serious discussion.”

Kashuv obliged.

Tuesday, Shapiro tweeted out an email that Eichenwald sent him claiming that he would be writing a story about the relationship between Shapiro and Kashuv.

Eichenwald mentions the DMs, calling them “quite disturbing” and saying he shared them with a psychiatrist who diagnosed Kashuv as “in desperate need of psychiatric help.” The journalist called Kashuv mentally deranged and alleged that Kashuv is a part of a greater media conspiracy against him.

Here is that letter:

Ben Shapiro/Twitter

Vanity Fair told The Daily Beast Tuesday that Eichenwald is not a contributing editor at Vanity Fair.”