Logan Paul Causes Yet Another Scene, This Time On American Soil

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Logan Paul may be trying to rehabilitate his image after supposedly making light of suicide earlier this year, but it seems like the 23 year old may be back to his old tricks.

The disgraced YouTube star got into some trouble at Yosemite National Park celebrating his birthday over the weekend, according to The Blast.

Authorities for the U.S. National Parks Service say Paul was given a citation this weekend for misbehaving on park grounds. A Ranger says Paul and several of his buddies were allegedly riding around on top of a school bus in tents that they had secured to the top of the roof.

Though authorities did not disclose which bus they had been riding around on, it’s pretty likely that they were on a giant blue school bus that Logan Paul and his crew drive everywhere together, nicknamed the “Cool Bus.”

Authorities say riding on top of the bus “wasn’t the smartest or safest thing to do,” so they wrote him up and fined him. He also got a stern talking to about parking the “Cool Bus” across multiple parking spaces and disrupting traffic.

I get that Logan Paul is supposed to be some big YouTube star but this incident doesn’t bode well for his image. It seems like he was just starting to move past the incident where he showed a dead person hanging deep in a Japanese forest, which caused considerable moral outrage. It seems like Logan Paul just can’t get out of his own way — or the spotlight.

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