Hollywood Celebrity Blames The NRA For YouTube HQ Shooting Before The Facts Are Known

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Town & Country)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Police are currently responding to an active shooting scene at the YouTube HQ in San Bruno, CA.

And while initial reports suggest the shooter was a white woman wearing a “dark top and a headscarf,” the suspect has not yet been identified and authorities are unsure if there are multiple shooters.

But some people aren’t waiting for all the facts to come out. Actor and director Michael Ian Black got right to work tweeting about gun control and the NRA.

“Another shooting,” the actor tweeted. “I’m going to politicize the fuck out of it, and so should you. The NRA is a terrorist organization.”

After backlash mounted against the actor for tweeting before letting the facts surface, Black dug in.

So far, very little is known about the possible suspect(s) behind the shooting. It is unclear whether he or she legally obtained the weapon, what his or her motive was, or whether they were even affiliated with the NRA in any way. But as more people get involved in the national conversation relating to gun control, some high profile celebrities have come unglued and target their anger at law abiding organizations like the NRA.

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