Tucker Skins The Media’s Coverage Of YouTube HQ Shooting

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Tucker Carlson opened his Wednesday broadcast by harshly criticizing the legacy media’s hands-off coverage of Tuesday’s shooting at YouTube HQ.

The Daily Caller co-founder immediately told his audience to “pause for a moment and pretend this isn’t the 8:00 PM show on FoxNews.”

“Let’s pretend it’s somewhere else on the dial If that were true, by definition, we’d have to draw hard and fast conclusions from this tragedy, using the limited fact set available,” he continued. “We don’t really know much, but sweeping dumb generalizations are what the media do. So we would do that. Of course we’d need to use a very specific script to make those generalizations.” (RELATED: YouTube Shooter’s Bizarre Anti-Meat Music Videos)


“But wait. Media outlets aren’t reaching any of these conclusions,” Carlson finally exclaimed after rattling off several of suspect Nasim Aghdam’s narrative-busting features. “Why not? Because there’s no obvious way to use this shooting to advance the objectives of the Democratic Party. So the media will stop talking about it soon. That’s how corrupt they are.”

“They’re also incredibly stupid, especially on the subject of firearms,” he added before singling out “MSNBC’s resident genius Nicolle Wallace,” having a little auditory trouble during her Tuesday coverage of the San Bruno shooting.

“No, Nicolle, not gunshots. But be sure to listen carefully as she lectures you about the Second Amendment. She knows a lot about it.”

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