Rush Limbaugh Throws Full Support Behind EPA’s Pruitt: ‘The Single Biggest Target Of The American Left’

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Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh went after “Democrats and the media” for trying to get Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt fired.

Limbaugh claimed the left was going after Pruitt for “little knickyknack things” to halt the rollback of energy and environment regulations

“And one thing that Pruitt’s doing that’s got them just hog-tied, he’s relaxing all of these mileage restrictions that the left has placed on automobiles and engines and so forth,” Rush said during his daily radio program on Thursday. “And he’s basically just taking a knife and whacking things from the EPA that were implemented during the eight years of Obama.”

“And he has become, outside of Trump, the single biggest target of the American left,” Rush said.

Pruitt has come under fire for flying first-class, renting a room in a condo co-owned by an energy lobbyist’s wife and circumventing the White House on pay raises for two staffers. The stories have only amplified Democratic and environmentalist calls for his resignation.

When asked by reporters if he still had confidence in Pruitt, President Donald Trump said “I do,” but reports suggest White House staffers are unhappy with the former Oklahoma attorney general’s ethics controversies and decision to speak about the matter on Fox News.

Republican lawmakers and conservative allies have come to Pruitt’s defense, arguing that Trump’s deregulatory agenda would be stopped in its tracks if the administrator were forced to step down.

Limbaugh echoed arguments made by conservative pundits that the anger around Pruitt’s travel and living arrangements were a distraction from his accomplishing Trump’s agenda.

“You know, they’re going after Pruitt, how come Strzok and Lisa Page haven’t been canned?” Rush asked. “How come they are still getting every benefit, every perk and their salaries even though they’ve been demoted and reassigned, why are they still even working there? See, this is how we lose focus of this stuff.”

“But this has nothing to do with what Pruitt is doing that has them all ticked off,” Rush said.

“He’s being singled out for doing something that has always been done because that’s how they view the best way to go get the guy and discredit him, rather than to try to frighten people about what he’s doing with the regulatory side of things,” Rush said.

“I just hope Scott Pruitt hangs in, bottom line,” Rush said.

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