Huckabee: Mueller Should Look At Obstruction Of Justice In Oakland

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Mike Huckabee said Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller might want to look into obstruction of justice in Oakland.


“Well, I think maybe Bob Mueller ought to move his operation looking into obstruction of justice to Oakland,” Huckabee said. “The President is exactly right. If you are a person who aids and abets someone who is a criminal and who is trying to escape the reach of the law, that is obstructing justice.”

“It’s keeping law enforcement from doing the job that they are constitutionally charged to do. So how could it be anything else? It could be aiding and abetting, it could be obstruction, but clearly it’s a flaunting of the law.”

“And, I don’t know how these public officials get away with it, I don’t know how they even justify it,” he continued. “Because we don’t live our country based on how we think, how we feel or how we personally believe. We are a country of laws. [If] we don’t like the laws — we can change them, but we can’t ignore them.”

Trump suggested Friday that the mayor of Oakland committed obstruction of justice by letting illegal aliens in her city know about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid. (RELATED: President Trump Accuses Oakland Mayor Of Obstruction Of Justice)

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