Celebrate Hugh Hefner’s Birthday With 36 Photos That Prove He Was The Biggest Baller Of All-Time

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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Let’s celebrate Hugh Hefner’s birthday with 36 photos that prove he was the biggest baller of all-time.

It’s not even close. Anyone who disagrees with this assertion is flat-out wrong.

Hefner made a bajillion dollars publishing a magazine that displayed some of the hottest women on the planet in the nude. He lived in the multi-million-dollar Playboy mansion with said hot women, and hosted lavish parties there all the time.

When he wasn’t at the Playboy mansion, he was flying around the world on the company’s private jet, which was equipped with a living room, movie theater, disco and more. Simply put, the guy was an absolute baller.

Even in his old age, no one really seemed to think what he was doing was weird or creepy. Sure, there were reports for how it wasn’t that great living in the mansion. But for the most part it seemed like everyone was like “awwww look at Hef, he’s so old and cute!” If any other old fart put his liver-spotted hands on, or even so much as looked at a younger woman, he’s considered a creep (unless he’s rich). But not Hef. Hef got away with it because well, he’s Hef.

Rest in peace, Hef. You are certainly missed.