Celebrate National Winston Churchill Day With His Most Awe-Inspiring Quotes [SLIDESHOW]

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Sir Winston Churchill, born in 1874, was British prime minister for nine years during the entirety of World War II (1940–1945) and the beginning of the Cold War (1951–1955). April 9 is National Winston Churchill Day, when the world is reminded to honor one of the greatest minds behind the allied victory of World War II.

Nicknamed the “British Bulldog” for his large stature, pouty face, and gruff tone of voice, Churchill was known for his astounding ability to rally and inspire the public during times of confusion and despair. But despite his resemblances to one of England’s most beloved animals, Churchill is most known for his extraordinary ability to put thoughts into words and words into action.

His inspiring rhetoric helped the public understand what was going on between the UK and the rest of the world during the Second World War, the Cold War, and a number of other trying moments throughout Britain’s 20th century. He made sure that clarity persisted throughout the foggy details of government decision-making, as all great politicians should.

Hidden within his many famous speeches and discussions are some inspiring quotes that, even when pulled out of context, speak volumes about Churchill’s clear understanding of the world around him and the importance of maintaining resilient mentality during desperate times. Click below to read some of the British Bulldog’s most influential quotes of all time.