Top 10 Sibling Athletes [SLIDESHOW]

Zach Phillips Contributor
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Happy National Siblings Day! Nothing feels more sibling-like than competition, and what better format to compete than sports.

From the Manning brothers to the Williams sisters, siblings add a little bit extra to average competition. The competitive nature reaches its peak when both or all siblings are all successful, or at least get attention for playing time in the big leagues.

Some siblings play in the shadows of others, like Seth Curry, Robin Lopez or the Gronkowski brothers not named Rob. But the best competition comes when siblings can be compared after their respective careers to see who has achieved greater accomplishments.

Siblings like the Mannings, Williams and Harbaughs not only compete against each other on the field, but will find their accomplishments constantly compared. Is Eli better than Peyton? Is Jim better than John? Is anyone better than Rob?

With that in mind, we’re honoring the sibling rivalries themselves by ranking them on how great their collective achievements are.