Pompeo Grilled By Cory Booker Over Views On Gay Marriage


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic Senator Cory Booker grilled secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo over his opposition to same-sex marriage during Thursday’s confirmation hearing.


Booker suggested that Pompeo’s views on gay marriage might disqualify him for secretary of state because he will engage in diplomatic relations with countries that oppress the rights of gay people.

“So you do not believe its appropriate for two gay people to marry?” Booker asked.

“Senator, I continue to hold that view,” Pompeo responded. “It’s the same view.”

Booker also addressed Pompeo’s comments that gay sex is a “perversion,” asking if he still believes being gay is a perversion.

“Senator, we have married gay couples at the CIA… I treated them with the exact same set of rights,” Pompeo asserted. “My respect for every individual, regardless of sexual orientation, is the same.”

“Your views do matter,” Booker argued. “I do not necessarily concur that you are purporting the values of our nation when you believe that there are people in our country who are perverse.”

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