Comey’s Friend Says He May ‘Regret’ ABC Interview


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Walter Mack, a former federal prosecutor and friend of James Comey, worried Monday that the former FBI director may “regret” doing a tell-all interview.


During his interview with ABC that aired on Sunday night, Comey said he felt “beaten down.” Mack suggested on CNN Monday that Comey’s emotional vulnerability may have affected his “decision-making” and wondered why Comey’s staff was not around to get him to “think a little bit” about his situation.

“Well, I would say that most people, such as Jim, and me, and others without experience are very reluctant to be in produced pieces and interviews,” Mack explained. “So when I saw how edited the interview was, and the — in many ways I’m wondering whether he was making the right decision to be interviewed, outside of the legal process, which he is part of right now.”

Mack also criticized Comey for his personal attacks on President Donald Trump, arguing that “going at all personal” is beneath the platform of a former FBI director and that Comey may regret “lowering his own credibility.”

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