Carter Page Blasts ‘Dodgy Dossier’ With Laura Ingraham

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Former Trump campaign associate Carter Page talked with Laura Ingraham about the “dodgy dossier” on Fox News Monday.


“Were you surprised, Carter? Carter, Were you surprised at all when Jim Comey brushed off the question about why he didn’t inform the president in his first meeting with the president in Trump Tower to do that national security brief?” Ingraham asked.

“He didn’t reveal that the dossier was funded by Hillary? And he kind of said, ‘well that wasn’t my goal, that wasn’t necessary to affect my goal.’ Were you surprised about that?”

“It’s just so laden with so many political motives,” Page said. “And I think that’s just another example. I think, part of that quote, I forget the exact terms he used, I’m not sure whether I used the term Steele dossier.”

“I wonder if he used the term ‘dodgy dossier’ because that’s exactly what it was. And, it’s so beyond any common sense. And what’s interesting, over the last 24 hours, in the last week or so as this has sort of become the big news item, is I was always wondering, how come I never got any–how come the FBI never reached out to me after I sent them a letter in September 2016, offering to talk to them?”

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