Samantha Bee Melts Down, Calls Paul Ryan ‘F*****g Horrible’

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Late night host Samantha Bee went after Paul Ryan Wednesday, calling him “f*****g horrible.”


“He’s not a statesman, he’s a wing nut,” she said.

“Paul Ryan isn’t just leaving because he wants to spend time with his children — he’s leaving because he made a big mess and doesn’t want to deal with the fallout. I guess it’s like that famous Ayn Rand quote: ‘Run, run, you f*****g coward.'”

“He’s counting on us forgetting how f*****g horrible he is, but we will not forget.”

Bee claimed that Ryan’s “legacy is making poor people pay for rich people’s massive tax cuts, fighting to take health care away from millions, trying to gut social programs, defending the Muslim ban, enabling a constitutional crisis and somehow convincing everyone that torching democratic norms and the social safety net is moderate.” (RELATED: Samantha Bee: Ask 16 Year Olds Who To Vote For — ‘They Know Everything’)

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