Hugh Jackman BUSTED Sneaking Into A Sing-Along Of His Own Movie

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actor Hugh Jackman got busted by fans when he tried to sneak unnoticed into a sing-along screening of his recent film “The Greatest Showman.”

He shared a brief video of himself singing along when several audience members got wise and caught him in the act.

Jackman may be best known as “Wolverine,” but he has a number of Broadway credits to his name and has earned acclaim in musical theatre as well. He reportedly worked for over seven years to get the film (a larger-than-life story of the rise of P.T. Barnum) made, and he told IMDB that it was a “long shot” that the film would even get made.

“It had been 23 years since a studio said ‘yes’ to an original movie musical.”

Although it only brought in two-thirds of the box office of his action-packed “Logan,” fans have certainly latched on to both the story and the soundtrack.

Even President Trump showed the film at Camp David, leaving White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wondering whether he’d “suffer through it,” but Kelly later admitted to being pleasantly surprised.

Jackman’s popularity, both as Wolverine and now as Barnum, earned him a spot on TIME’s recently published “100 Most Influential People.”