Dan Bongino Eviscerates Media For Smearing Ronny Jackson

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Dan Bongino, a former secret service agent, heartily defended White House doctor Ronny Jackson during a radio interview on Thursday.

Bongino told WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” that he is “disgusted” by the allegations against Jackson and slammed the media for perpetuating the false, negative stories.


“It’s a disgrace, it’s disgusting, it’s an epidemic of filth in Washington, DC,” Bongino said. “Look, I know Ronny. I have not spoken to Ronny, no one asked me to defend Ronny, let me be absolutely crystal clear…I am putting my own reputation on the line for this guy because he is that good of a guy.”

Bongino explained that he spent hundreds of days with Jackson when he was in the service and agrees wholeheartedly with Mike White’s defense of Jackson in The Daily Caller. (RELATED: Dr. Ronny Jackson Will Serve America’s Veterans With Distinction)

Bongino called the Democrats tearing down Jackson “animal slobs,” arguing, “this guy was a total gentleman, a patriot.”

“Let me let you in on a dirty little Washington secret for all you frauds out there who don’t understand how the world really works,” Bongino said, addressing the claims that Jackson was improperly administering drugs. “When you’re in the military or the secret service and you’re overseas, and you’re in a terrorist hot zone on a nine, ten hour time change…once in a while you’ll say, ‘hey doc, can I get a sleeping pill so I can actually defend the life of the president?”

“For all you snowflakes who have never put your asses on the line and have no idea what that means, that’s what happens on the road in the real world,” he added. “Not your safe space in college…that’s the real world where people die if you fall asleep.”

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