Joy Reid Wasn’t Just Homophobic — Old Tweets Show Her Openly Using Anti-Transgender Slurs Too

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC host Joy Reid, already under fire for homophobic blog posts, has some old tweets that show her using transphobic slurs.

In 2010, Reid tweeted:

Archive link.

“Shim” is a derogatory term for transgender people, according to GLAAD. It’s also reportedly on the same level as insults like “”tranny,” “she-male,” and “it.”

She also sent a tweet in 2011 mocking Coulter again for being a “drag queen.”

Archive link.

The tweet, which uses cross-dressing as an implicit insult, is derogatory to gay men who dress as “drag queens.”

Reid is back in the news this week after she claimed that old anti-gay blog posts of hers were actually put there by a hacker trying to hurt her reputation. According to a Daily Caller New Foundation story, the claim of hackers being responsible for the posts is full of holes. (RELATED: Joy Reid’s Hacking Story Filled With Holes)

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