Mick Mulvaney Pledges To Seek Out Leftover Obama Stimulus Cash And Return It To The Treasury

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Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said the Trump administration was able to recover billions of dollars in unspent government funds, including leftover money from the Obama era.

“What we did is tried to work with Republicans in the House and with the Senate to go in and say, ‘All right, where’s money that we’ve appropriated prior to that [omnibus spending bill] that hasn’t been spent yet?'” Mulvaney said on “Mornings With Maria” Tuesday.

“We go in and sort of claw back your money that’s sort of sitting in slush funds at various agencies and that’s where we found this $15 billion,” he said.


Mulvaney said there are various agencies that were given too much money and still have a massive surplus, which could be better spent elsewhere.

“Some of it is in health insurance programs. Again, that’s money that is either not authorized or not expected to be spent. So we can take the money back without impacting the programs,” he continued. “There’s other funds of money that actually go all the way back to the stimulus. The way it worked back then … was they threw a bunch of money at various agencies and then said ‘here you can have this money for as long as you want it or need it.'”

“They’re stimulus programs that still have money in them,” Mulvaney concluded. “So we’re going to find that taxpayer money and claw it back and put it back in the treasury.”

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