Media Reactions To Trump’s Imminent Announcement On The Iranian Nuclear Deal

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Donald Trump will make a decision on whether or not to back out of former President Barack Obama’s Iranian nuclear agreement in what could be the most important decision of his presidency.

The media is generally urging Trump to stay in the deal, however there are some mixed opinions.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said Tuesday morning, that Trump leaving the deal would amount to “ignoring pleas from U.S. allies.”


CNN tweeted Tuesday that pulling out of the deal could “spark a dangerous global crisis.”

Ryan Cooper, a writer at The Week, defended the deal, saying, “the Iran deal, which halted the country’s nuclear weapons program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions, is working perfectly well. It should not be breached.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto pointed out that most U.S. allies oppose leaving the deal:

Iranian leadership has reportedly said that even if the United States leaves the deal, they may stay in the deal as long as sanctions do not resume.

Leaving the Iran deal could also lead to an increase in oil prices.

Most Democrats are against leaving the deal. Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley tweeted Monday:

Republicans have been pushing to leave the deal, but some in the party are urging restraint. Sen. Rand Paul said last year, “I think while the agreement’s not perfect, my main concern has always been compliance. But if they’re complying with it, I think we should stay in it.”

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