Nigel Farage: ‘We’ve Seen A 44-Percent Increase Year On Year’ In London Crime

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Nigel Farage, the figurehead behind Brexit, broke down London’s rising crime rate, including knife stabbings and black-on-black crime, Sunday on “Fox & Friends.”


Following attacks in France and the large number of people currently on France’s terrorist suspect or potentially dangerous list, Farage stated, “How on earth can you monitor 40,000 people? So the one thing we can say with absolute confidence is we will see more of these attacks.”

Farage then dug into the crime rate in London, which is growing by the year, according to his statistics.

“Now London crime itself, what we’ve seen is a 44-percent increase, year on year, in the murder rate going on in this capital,” Farage said. “It’s mostly knife crime. It’s mostly associated with gangs. It is mostly black on black crime, although nobody has got the courage to stand up and say that for fear of being thought to be racist.”

Farage also stated that the police have stopped doing search and frisk procedures that would “stop people, frisk them down, see whether they had knives on them,” and that the reason for the rollback of such procedures is that the police have a “fear of being criticized as being racist.”

Farage then went after current London mayor Sadiq Khan, saying, “Over 60 people killed in this capital already this year, and the mayor of London has not visited a single one of the crime scenes and has not spoken to any of the families.”

A stabbing in Paris, France on Saturday night claimed by ISIS has left many questions in its wake.

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