Tucker Carlson: One Year Later, The Mueller Probe Reveals Nothing

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained Monday how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe has veered far off its original course.


Carlson stated the Mueller probe has not yet provided “evidence of any plot by the Trump campaign to collude with the Russian government to hack the presidency, to beat Hillary Clinton.”

“People have been charged with crimes, but only for behavior totally unconnected to his campaign or because they allegedly lied to Mueller’s investigative team,” Carlson said.

The Daily Caller co-founder noted that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was charged with a crime, “even though his FBI interviewers, we just learned, didn’t believe he was lying when they spoke to him.”

The Fox News host stated that “people are having their lives destroyed, but for nothing that we can see. No collusion has been found or even suggested.”

Carlson noted that the Mueller probe’s continuation only exposed “how clueless the people who run Washington, D.C. are.” He stated that Democrats were using the Mueller probe for political leverage, but it’s not helping them in the upcoming midterms.

“Their lead is dwindling,” Carlson said. “Why? Because the public is recognized that the Russia investigation is not what they said it was. It is, and it has been from the beginning, a witch hunt by a cabal frantic to keep its hold on power.”

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