Tucker Exposes Guest Who Holds Murderers To Different Standards Based On Race

Mike Brest Reporter
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A Univision News anchor ran smack up against a wall on Fox News Thursday night when he attempted to draw a difference between infamous murderer Charles Manson and the murderous gang MS-13.

Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Enrique Acevedo tried to shame President Donald Trump for using the term “animals” to describe MS-13.

Carlson was having none of it.

When Carlson asked Acevedo if he would be offended by labeling the murderous cult leader Charles Manson an animal, Acevedo responded, “Of course not.”

The Daily Caller co-founder then pointed out that Acevedo only had a problem with the president labeling immigrant criminals as “animals,” but not a white sadist. (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Doubles Down On Trump’s MS-13 ‘Animals’ Comment)

The Univision host later said, “I think it would be a major mistake to defend any criminal.”

Then Carlson’s responded, “But you do. Thank you, great to see you tonight. Even when he admitted that President Trump was talking about MS-13, he couldn’t stop himself from defending MS-13.”

The Fox News host closed the segment out by asking Acevedo if he could “please convince the Democrats to run in defense of MS-13.”