Reporter Asks Trump Why He Called MS-13 Gang Members ‘Animals’ – Trump Deports Him To GITMO

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President Trump is not backing down on his claim that MS-13 gang members are “animals.”

Trump caused a stir in the media when he classified members of the ultra-violent gang by using the word during a White House roundtable on sanctuary cities.

Some in the press ran with the misleading and selectively edited clip, claiming Trump was speaking about all immigrants.

At a conference with the head of NATO, Trump was asked by a reporter if he could “clarify” his animal comment.

“Mr. President, could you clarify the context of your use of the word “animal” yesterday?” the reporter asked.

Trump wasted no time.

“I’m referring to the MS-13 gangs that are coming in,” Trump immediately responded. “If you look a little bit further on in the tape, you’ll see that.”

“So I’m actually surprised you’re asking this question because most people got it right,” Trump trolled, before doubling down. “MS-13, these are animals.”

“They’re coming into our country. We’re getting them out,” Trump said, “We need strong immigration laws. We have the weakest laws in the entire world. We have laws that are laughed at on immigration.”

Then Trump made his stance very clear, “So when the MS-13 comes in – I referred to them as animals and guess what? I always will.”


Sarah Sanders reiterated the sentiment in the White House press briefing, saying “This is one of the most vicious and deadly gangs that operates by the motto of rape, control and kill,” Sanders said, “Frankly, I don’t think the term that the president used was strong enough. MS-13 has done heinous acts. It took an animal to stab a man 100 times and decapitate him and rip his heart out. It took an animal to beat a woman they were sex trafficking with a bat, 28 times, indenting part of her body. And it took an animal to kidnap and rape a 13-year-old Houston girl.”

Sanders concluded, saying “The president should continue to use platform and everything he can do under the law to stop these kinds of horrible, horrible, disgusting people.” RELATED: Sarah Sanders Doubles Down On Trump’s MS-13 ‘Animals’ Comment