Rand Paul: We Can’t Possibly ‘Ban Every Gun’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul added a good argument to the gun debate Friday, saying it’s not possible to “ban all guns.”


Paul discussed the differences and similarities between an AR-15 and a shotgun.

“One, it scatters,” Paul said of a shotgun, “and so a lot of people can be shot with one blast of a shotgun. The pellets penetrate everywhere. You can be shot with 15 bullets from one blast if they’re close enough. One person could be penetrated 15 times.”

Paul added that shotguns are “devastating from a short range.”

“So we talk about this, ‘Oh we’re going to ban AR-15s,'” Paul said, adding that they are “way more high-powered and they can shoot more rapidly than a shotgun, but a shotgun is equally devastating.”

Paul then touched on the argument of banning guns. “This gets back to this whole thing of people saying, ‘Oh, we’re just going to ban guns. We’re going to ban shotguns, we’re going to ban every gun.’ You can’t do that.”

“We get so distracted in the debate of banning guns that we don’t have the debate we should have,” Paul added. He then mentioned that there is a difference between “crazy people with guns” and “the rest of us.”

A deadly school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, occurred Friday that left at least eight dead and many injured.

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