Sanders Shuts Down Question About EPA Removing Reporters


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she wouldn’t speak to “hypotheticals” on Tuesday when NBC’s Hallie Jackson asked if the White House feels it is “appropriate” to physically remove reporters from events.


During Tuesday’s press briefing, Jackson asked, “Is there any situation barring a security incident in which you feel, the White House feels it is appropriate to physically touch or physically handle a reporter?”

“I’m not going to weigh into random hypotheticals that may or may not exist,” Sanders replied. “I don’t know any information about this specific incident. You’re asking me to speak to a blanket possibility, which I’m not going to do, nor would I ever ask or expect you to do.”

Jackson appeared to be referring to an earlier incident at an Environmental Protection Agency event where CNN and Associated Press reporters were barred from entry. The AP reporter claimed that she was physically removed from the event. (RELATED: CNN Has Twisted Knickers Over Not Making It Into Seating Limited Pruitt Speech)

A Daily Caller News Foundation reporter who was at the event said the AP reporter was denied entry because her name was not on the press list. (RELATED: Eyewitness Says AP Story About Reporter Being Roughed Up At EPA Event Is Overblown)

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