Baseball Legend Praises Trump With Comments That Will Infuriate Liberals

(Photo by J Rogash/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Johnny Damon couldn’t be happier about President Trump’s job performance so far.

The former star outfielder was at the White House Wednesday participating in Trump’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition when he praised the president for a job well done. (RELATED: Baseball Star Ted Williams Was Shot Down By North Koreans 65 Years Ago Today)

“He’s doing a great job,” Damon told TMZ paparazzi in downtown D.C. “Do you enjoy having more money in your pocket? I mean, there’s a lot of good things. Number one for me has always been policy. I don’t believe in nine month abortions, I don’t believe in higher taxes, I believe in taking care of our country first. So, he’s doing a good job. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of people who can’t see it.”

Later, Damon mentioned that he understands why some people might get triggered by Trump’s rhetoric but doubled down on his support, saying “he’s not there to be your friend.”

I love this coming from Johnny Damon. He used to be one of my favorite players for the Red Sox until he made a bonehead decision and downgraded to the Yankees. But even I can look past a stupid decision like that, especially now that he’s helping our country to get back on track. Johnny Damon is sure to outrage a few people with these words but all I can say is, double down and keep moving. He’s certainly working in the right direction.

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