Sarah Sanders Shuts Down Reporter Asking About FBI Spying On The Trump Campaign: ‘I’m Not Finished’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Sarah Sanders brushed off interrupting reporters in the White House press briefing Wednesday.

Jonathan Karl of ABC was asking questions about Trey Gowdy stating that he does not think the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign. The president has called for a major investigation into the placement of an FBI informant in his campaign.

“Now that Trey Gowdy who has seen all the classified information on what the FBI was doing he says that there is nothing to the allegations that they were spying on the Trump campaign,” Karl said, “And in fact, Gowdy says that the FBI was doing what they should have been doing. … Is the president prepared now to retract his allegation that the FBI was spying on the campaign?”

Sanders said that “There is still cause for concern that needs to be looked at. Let’s not forget that the deputy director of the F.B.I. was actually fired for misconduct. The president is concerned about the matter, and we are going to continue to follow the issue.”

Karl asked again, “Gowdy was in the briefing. He knows what was done and he is saying that these allegations are baseless, that there was no spying on the Trump campaign.”

Sanders said, “Certainly, the president feels that there is cause for concern and it should be looked at.”

When Karl and others tried to break in, Sanders replied, “There are — I’m not finished. There are a number of things that have been reported on that show — not just for the president but for a large number of Americans, a large cause for concern, and we would like to see this fully looked into. And we will continue to follow the matter.”

The reporter asked again, “Based on what evidence —”

Sanders bluntly said, “We’re going to keep moving.”